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Thursday, March 1, 2007


OK, I posted a picture of the blizzard a few hours ago (see last post). I had to post more pictures! Our car is almost BURIED in the snow!! Also, the snow now goes above our back door (above the bottom part of it; I had to force the door open to get the picture outside).
I took this first picture through our window; I decided to take the next one hanging out the back door. Yes, that's OUR VAN under there ... we're going to have fun digging it all out tomorrow. I hope it stops sometime soon so we can clear the snow out today instead of tomorrow before we head to Omaha...
How much more will we get? I checked on yahoo weather, but that's not usually as accurate as the local news. Since I do not watch tv, someone will have to tell me when this stuff is going to stop! (not that it matters too much; we are nice and snug in our house) I know we are getting more than what my mom said we were going to get last night. She and my dad both said Atlantic was right in the middle of 'bad to worse' on the forcast map... maybe I'll give her a call?

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