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Saturday, October 6, 2007

A few pictures

It's been a while. Life moves a little too fast for my comfort ....
For those who do not know, we got a free [old] upright piano about 2 months ago. I've been putting off the tuning because I thought it would be very expensive. Our piano teacher recommended someone (Pat's Piano Service here in Omaha) and her prices were within my range :o) so now we are playing on a piano that sounds pretty good instead of one that sounds kind of sick! She came on Tuesday and was wonderful. She spent a lot of time teaching the children - talking to them, answering questions, showing them all about the piano, etc. Tylor already knew quite a bit ... because anyone who knows Tylor knows that he CAN NOT do anything till he knows all about the 'hows and whys'. He spent a lot of time reading about the piano before we got one, but still learned a few things from Pat. She took apart the front of the piano ... I guess I never knew it could come all out like that?! She made it look easy. So, here's pictures of our piano:
The top is off in this picture and leaning against the side:

Here's the inside of it:

A closer look at how the keys are ....

Here's a look at the inside BOTTOM half ... the little panel under there just pulls right off for cleaning!

There you have it! Maybe many of you already know this stuff, but we were sure excited to learn about it! :o)

Here's one more picture. We have a few people staying with us for a short while and the oldest son did the dishes the other day (he's almost 16). I walked in to the kitchen and here's what I saw:

I don't think he could have fit anything else on there!!!! Usually when we have a lot of dishes we'll put a towel on the counter next to the sink for the 'overflow'. I guess he didn't catch on to that little trick. It was a good laugh though ... and then I quickly put them away!
OK, have a great day!


  1. Hey Joanne,

    Very cool about the piano. Are all the kids taking lessons?

  2. Actually ALL of us are taking lessons. We go through a program called "Arts For All" that offers various kinds of 'art' classes for reduced rates for those with less money. Without that program, I would probably try sending one of us (Tylor or me) to lessons and then have that person teach the others when they get home. But, thankfully we are able to all take them together in a group setting every Tuesday (been going for 4 weeks now). We are having so much fun! When I was growing up a friend a mine had a piano - since that time I've always wanted to take lessons and learn how to play but never did. It's nice to be able to enjoy it with my children :o)

  3. I didn't know YOU were taking lessons!

    Anyhow, the inside of a piano is rather wonderous.

    Hehehe... I've seen dishes stacked like that on more than one occasion. Let's just say that it's good you arrived as early as you did. :D

    Peace. --Jacob

  4. Yes, I am taking lessons ... you know that saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"? I feel like an old dog right now! (ok, I know I'm not OLD!)
    Learning to play has been very interesting for me ... and a bit challenging. I sat down to learn a song last week and thought "NO WAY am I EVER going to get this one!!" However after a lot practice, I can now play it without too many mistakes :o) Tylor is doing much better than me, but I knew he'd pick it up right away. Corban and Brianna are doing pretty good too ... I think I can say they are learning at a 'normal' pace??

    Anyway, we are having a lot of fun and feel very blessed it all worked out the way it did :o) Now if we could just find someone to teach us Nepalese!!!!! I don't thik they offer that at Arts for All!!!

  5. You go, girl! I have been following along with Samantha a bit, since I'm there for her lesson time and we had started together with the Usborne books. She practices more than me. It's great that I don't have to tell her to practice. She loves playing the piano!

    I look forward to hearing you all play something the next time we get together.


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