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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pumpkins and chopsticks

Our garden is really doing well. I need to make pickles already ... I hope to get to that this evening. We've had well over 50 cucumbers!! The cherry tomatoes are just starting to ripen fast - we've only picked 15, but there are hundreds of them that will be ready soon. Romas are next in line; 3 have been picked with hundreds more on the way. My uncle gave me a few tomato plants too - we've picked 3 from those. All the other tomatoes are growing very good, but are still green :) They'll be ready soon though. Banana and anaheim peppers are growing 'like crazy'; my uncle gave me those too! We've also had a few green peppers - yum!
I think pumpkins are weeds. I thought I planned enough space for the pumpkin vines, however we've had to cut several feet off the vines TWICE already. At least we are keeping up with it. I do not know much (ok, ANYTHING) about pruning pumpkin vines, so we just cut whatever is in the way of other things. I will research that for next year. There are several 'baby pumpkins', as well as 'baby' acorn squash, cantaloupe and watermelon :) we are so excited. The beans and peas are coming along too. The original zucchini plants I planted got eaten by something pretty much right away; thankfully I had one more growing in my started pots. That has a tiny zucc already.
Corban dug a trench in the garden to stop it from flooding in one spot. The trench has now turned into a very big hole. Even Tylor can fit into it with room to dig ... thankfully they are saving all the dirt and will fill the hole back up at the end of the season!
Here's a picture of the vine plants; the patio is shadowing them ...

Here's a picture of Tylor and Brianna playing chopsticks with chopsticks! They are so silly I had to get the camera:

Corban made a new instrument (he has made a few!). I recorded it and put it on youtube. I am not sure about youtube yet, so if someone knows of a more trustworthy video site, let me know!! Here's the link if you are interested in watching it.
OK ... that's about all the time I have right now. Have a great day!


  1. Chopsticks with chopsticks!! That is so funny!!
    BTW, I think there is a video site called GodTube or something like that, I've seen it on some Christian blogger's websites.

  2. Hey, Joanne.

    All the talk about your garden is making me hungry for fresh vegetables! I was pretty impressed by Corban's instrument-- it was even in tune! Your kids ARE crazy, but you gotta love 'em like that. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Lord bless you guys!

    Peace. --Jacob

  3. P.S. Just a hint... To watch Corban's video, I had to temporarily remove from the blacklist in my customized web blocking software. :) I don't really know about alternatives. I think Google will host your videos if you want to place them directly on your blog. But I've never done it, so I'm not sure how or if it works.


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