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Monday, May 31, 2010

Love My Children

My good friend and sister in the Lord, Joanna, posted this on her blog.  Here's a link to it (Love My Children), but here also is the post.

Dear Ladies
Are you the joyful mother of children? Or is the care of these dear little ones a burden? I know God has lessons to teach me as I daily care for my children. He is perfecting me as I daily surrender to the work before me. But sometimes I find my mind is somewhere else. I'm planning some project of my own interest and I become impatient with all their little needs. It seems I did this cleaning just yesterday. We're doing all this work every day. Or I realize I'm just hurrying, hurrying, hurrying to escape to my own little world. And I want them to be done with their lessons, want them to go and leave me alone. Meanwhile the mending piles up, the dust collects while I fail to bless my home.

It takes some effort to learn to keep after the house. Set the timer and get the children to help you for 5 minutes per room and do a clean-up. Or take longer in one room and do a good job. Send the children to get things out from under their beds, or to pick up clothes that aren't in the hamper or dresser. Get them to run and fix their beds. I am surprised now how much better their rooms look when we go do some every day and keep it from turning to disaster.

This is what my present lessons are consisting of. Love these dear children. Faithfully change diapers and wash clothes, teach them school lessons and house work, keep them faithfully doing their chores, showing them cheerfully how to literally live like Jesus. When they argue or fight ask them what Jesus says to do? And watch with joy as your son goes to the brother who took something from him and says "What can I do for you?"

Remember that they will grow up so fast and then what do I want to look back and remember? Always always trying to shortcut my necessary work so I can be done? The little child needs her/his mother to be there and available to listen to their plans and problems. Just slow down a bit and actually listen to them. Do a little project with one of them, it means so much to them. Include them in the cookie making and dish washing.

Let me joyfully care for my home and children. Let me surrender to the actual life of what God has given me. It is easy to think something else (whatever it may be for each of us) is so important and worthy, but what did God call women/mothers to do? Jesus said, "If any man will come after me, (Do you want to be saved?) then deny yourself, (Deny the selfishness) take up your cross, (Obey my teachings) and follow me, (Imitate Jesus, live as he lived and taught.) Read the Sermon on the Mount and take his actual words for truth. If we do not do as he said our profession of faith is worthless. I find it one thing to say or know the right way to live and something else to actually literally put into practice. But there is where we pick up our cross and do it. Praise the Lord!


  1. What a lovely read. Thank you for posting this today.

  2. I have to constantly remind myself to 'choose the better part' like Jesus told Martha to do. Thank you for relaying this from your friend.


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