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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here are a few notes from a sermon called "Almost". You can listen to it online, download it, or read the PDF. The direct link is: ALMOST
I think one of the worst things in hell is going to be our own minds about what we should have or could have done or what we did or didn't do. The chances we had to bring glory to God but chose to satisfy our own desires instead. The knowledge that we had time to correct things, to reconcile, to make the wrongs right. The longsuffering of God and others who waited patiently for us to turn from our ways and do what is pleasing to the Lord. The awareness of others who are lost that we might have been a stumbling block to, others who we've turned aside, or others who we have hurt, others we neglected. And we have to live with that for all of eternity.


Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

I think that's gonna be the saddest cry throughout eternity: “almost,” almost.
I almost gave everything to follow Jesus. I gave 99%, but there was that one little thing that I couldn't quite give up, that I just didn't quite want to do.


But failed.

I almost finished the race.

But did you finish?

I almost did the work I was supposed to do.

But did you do it?


Is that going to work?

How well does almost work?

We've talked about the example of the man that's being chased by the tiger. He went out and took his gun out to go hunting. He got out there and left his house, locked the door and put his keys in his pocket. Got his gun and had a bullet in it, heard the tiger, so he went out looking for the tiger and he got a pretty good distance away from his house, and it [the tiger] was just right in front of him. Lifted his gun, aimed at the tiger and pulled the trigger and nothing happened, the gun jammed up. The tiger started walking toward him, the man walked backwards, started walking faster, the tiger walked faster, then he turned around and started running, and he ran and ran towards the house and he could hear the tiger getting closer and closer to him all the time. He jumped up on the porch and got to the door and the tiger was right behind him and he heard him landing on the porch and he reached for the key and put it in the lock but dropped it ... he almost made it inside the house ... almost is but to fail.

Almost a Christian is going to be the most miserable thing throughout eternity.

I almost surrendered.

I almost did what I was supposed to do.

I almost forsook the world.

I almost loved my neighbor.

I almost loved God with all my heart.

I almost denied myself.

I almost stayed at the post God gave to me


  1. Thank you so much for putting this out. I saw it on facebook and went ahead and put it on my blog and then I saw you had done it too. It's a good reminder. Let us be careful how we live. God bless you sister.

  2. Almost can be a scary word.

    Been busy reading in the Scriptures over the holidays. The times we live in are certainly not a time for "almost." I wish I could put into words what is going through my head these days, but I think everyone should be immersing themselves in the Word right now.

    Continue to enjoy your blog. Best wishes for a new year. ~LizBeth


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