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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Street Preaching vs. Visiting Widows

Most of you should know by now that my oldest son goes out street preaching with the brothers from time to time ... and also we all go with them when we can. They/we usually go to a downtown / bar district area of Springfield, MO on a friday/saturday night, but sometimes other places and times too (the brothers go out as much as they can). I've had a few people [1 or 2?] ask me how I could let my son go to such a wicked place when I know that there will be immodesty everywhere. This is an attempt to answer that question and also to share something with others that they might not have ever thought of.

First, I want to establish that sin and wickedness are around us everywhere we go.

I've asked my son how he feels when he's on the streets with the brothers holding up signs ... does he have struggles, etc.? He said it's always a blessing to be there holding up signs and no, in general he does not struggle with the immodesty. Some of you may wonder how this could possibly be? You see ... when we are standing out on the streets, we are fighting directly against sin. As Tylor once said, it's really hard to lust after a woman dressed immodestly when you are standing there preaching directly AGAINST IT! Praise the Lord! His guard is up and he is fighting against sin. He expects it ... that's what he's there for. He also said that it strengthens his faith/walk with the Lord and his convictions. There is so much wickedness out there. No, I'm not talking about drunk people because we've only had to deal with them just a small fraction of the time out on the streets (they usually stay away or just walk by and say a quick few words). Mostly we deal with professing christians who do not want to obey the Bible. Who have not been drinking (or who have had only a small bit), who are upset, cursing, yelling, dressed immodestly or richly, etc. [there are a few who are sincere though! and it's such a blessing to talk with them]

The fact of the matter is, the REAL STRUGGLES come walking down the isle at a store, visiting a widow, or whatever. You are comfortable and relaxed, your guard is down and your mind is focused on what you are doing ... and then Satan slips in a little magazine cover here, a wicked poster there, a vile game-show the widow is watching (she only watches it for the game, she doesn't pay attention to the mostly naked harlots that are part of the show!), and so on.

AN EXCELLENT and VERY REAL EXAMPLE to prove my point ...
One of the widows we visit called a few days ago and asked if the boys would come over yesterday morning and switch two mattresses (take one off one bed and put it on the other and put the other on the one). Of course they are more than willing to help out a widow!! So off they went yesterday morning. Brianna was feeling better, so she went along too. When in the process of going to move the second mattress, for *some reason* [the leading of the Spirit I assume] Brianna had the sudden urge to rush into the room first, so she did. There between the mattress was a filthy, disgusting, wicked pornographic magazine with two fully naked women on the front and several naked ones on the back!!!! [and you know they were not just standing there ... they were posing] Brianna quick grabbed the magazine, shoved it in her coat and ran into the other room. The widow could tell something was very wrong and so could the boys. They [the boys] knew to stay away. Brianna showed the woman and she was so sorry (of course) ... it must have been something her grandson was hiding from her when he stayed there. :(

So here were the boys, helping a 91 year old widow lady out and they could have seen the most defiling things ever. PRAISE THE LORD they did not.

They have been defiled several times over at widow's houses (my grandma's included) where they have on those absolutely horrible evening game shows with the ladies wearing really short, tight skirts and their breasts nearly hanging out. This is just as bad as how some of the women dress on the streets (yes, many of them are professing christian women), but once again, it's totally different when you are fighting directly against the sin on the streets than when you are visiting a sweet old lady. Of course we ask them to please turn it off, but we all know that it only takes a quick flash of an image before it gets imprinted on your mind.
This is reality. I am so thankful my boys are learning at a young age how to actively fight against sin and wickedness. They are learning to train their eyes to not look at women ... to even put the sign they are holding up in front of their faces if that's what it takes. Of course when this is done the nearly naked woman gets really offended, but I'm sure God is more offended at her sin than she is at being rebuked for it.

They are also learning the hard way that we must be on guard at ALL times, not just when on the streets preaching against sin. We must ESPECIALLY be on guard at the widow's houses and at the grocery stores ... the places we least expect something vile to happen.

We were just talking last evening about how Satan walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy. A lion is very sneaky!! It's not like the lion will be ROARING AND RUSHING the whole time giving you plenty of time to know what's going on and get out of the situation. NO. A lion will sneak very carefully and then POUNCE AND ROAR all the sudden WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!!!! You EXPECT to see half or nearly naked women in the bar district on a weekend night ... however you DO NOT EXPECT to see several naked women in a filthy magazine in a sweet little 91-year-old widow lady's house.
A song we commonly sing on the streets (#296 in The Christian Hymnary):
My soul, be on thy guard; Ten thousand foes arise;
The hosts of sin are pressing hard To draw thee from the skies.
O watch and fight and pray; The battle ne'er give o'er;
Renew it boldly ev'ry day, And help divine implore.
Ne'er think the vict'ry won, Nor lay thine armor down;
They arduous work will not be done, Till thou obtain thy crown.
Fight on, my soul, till death Shall bring thee to thy God;
He'll take thee, at they parting breath, To His divine abode.