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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Because We Believe It ...

Our church has a few simple tracts we hand out ... David was telling me a story the other day of what happened one time after he handed out a tract in Branson, and then this morning while I was driving home from dropping Brianna off somewhere, I put an old sermon in. The sermon was titled "Because We Believe It...". A few minutes into it David started telling a story of what happened over the weekend - yes, the same story. Here it is:

A young lady said, "Last night I as working at Wendy's and someone gave me a little paper ... who are you? who sent you?"
"Well, the Lord Jesus has sent us."
"Am I going to die?"
"We are all going to die."
"I mean, today or tomorrow?"
"I don't know, we are not promised today or tomorrow. We don't know."
"This is pretty scary; this paper is very straight forward and blunt. I've never heard this message like this. No one is saying this message like this. Why? Why are you telling people this message like this? Warning people about the judgment?"
"Because we believe it."
"Well, thank you, God bless you."

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe it. If we truly believe it, it causes action. He that believeth on the Son has everlasting life, and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abideth on him.

Why do we pass out tracts to try to warn people? Why do we talk to people? Why do we get out of our comfort zones and preach to people, hold up signs or whatever we do? Because we believe it.

If we truly believe that we are going to stand before an Almighty God and give an account of our lives, how different our lives would be here and now. That's what believing is. It's not a feeling, an emotion, or an experience we have. It's believing God. That's where the promise is: He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life. It's not praying till he hopes he is saved ... it's he that believeth on the Son that has eternal life. Belief causes action.

Here is the whole tract spoken of in this message; it is on a small card a little bigger than a business card. The back says, "Jesus will judge this world," here is the front:

We have been sent by the Lord Jesus Christ to warn you that he will return in flaming fire taking vengeance on all who do not know God and will not obey him. Jesus will be the Judge and the New Testament will be the law we will be judged by. All who reject will be counted as his enemies at death or upon his return.

The Church of Monett
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  1. I really like the tract. I could wish someone might have given me one like it around 18-20 years ago.

    On some nice blogs I have seen your church and members criticised by sincere Christians. They hate all the negativity, and think the message should only be one of "love". They find anything else very distasteful.

    I wish they could see that people are different. If some are reached and truly converted by the softer scriptural messages of God's love, praise the Lord! But the world is full of different kinds of people. Some respond very, very well, with a true heart conversion, over exactly this kind of serious and more "harsh" sounding message.

    I am so glad you guys are out there in the world! (Especially so since unlike some others who also carry a strong message, YOU do NOT alter or depart from scripture.) May God bless all of you and your love and labor for lost people.


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