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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daughters of Sarah

A dear sister in Christ sent me this book, "Daughters of Sarah" by Genevieve White. I really appreciate it so far and am thankful she mailed it to me. I have ordered two used copies from amazon so I can let others here at our fellowship read it too.

I will be sharing a few quotes from the book whenever I have time and think of it; here is a quote from the chapter titled, "False Submission".

"Sometimes when women hear about submission, they think, "That sounds good! I think I'll try it!" Dangerous and deceptive thinking. You can't try submission any more than you can try God. Anyone who says, "I tried submitting and it didn't work" never understood submission. Anyone who says "I tried God and He didn't work" never committed her life to the Lord. God never fails and His Word never fails. If you try to submit to your husband, you will fail. Your submission has to be abandonment to God."


1 comment:

  1. God's commands are not pop psychology, self-help, "suggestions" to "try"! :-)

    Not familiar with this book, but I have seen submission fail pretty regularly when the wife is not keeping GOD as chief in her heart and in her eyes, as the reason behind submission, but instead lets the man have that position as if it's in any worth or authority of his own! It's one of many examples of idolatry, not all of which are dark self-centered rebellion but CAN actually be purely intentioned - just mistaken. Perhaps some men misunderstand it themselves or exploit it, though I have not personally seen that.


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