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Monday, February 7, 2011


In Daughter's of Sarah, there is a chapter called, "Protection". I appreciate what she says here after quoting 2 Tim. 3:6-7 and saying a few other things:

"Women are looking to pastors and spiritual leaders for counsel and advice when they should be looking to their husbands. Godly women are standing in prayer lines praying for their husbands who don't want them in church in the first place. Their husbands in many cases are sitting at home wondering what is wrong with their wives who seem to be bitten with some kind of "religious bug." Your husband will never understand your relationship with God until you live it in your life with him."

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands. 1 Peter 3:1

"Webster's 1828 Dictionary says - subjection is the act of subduing; act of vanquishing and bringing under the dominion of another - state of being under the power, control and government of another. The safety of life, liberty and property depends on our subjection to the laws."

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  1. Yes, and the same for youth ministry. Youth should be going to their parents first, not the secret youth society at church. I really believe church does more to divide families than help them stay together. Radical idea, huh??? ~Liz

  2. What would you suggest to a woman who has an unsaved husband do in regards to church and Christian fellowship?

    I really struggle with this. If I am out of church, I tend to hold myself less accountable in my walk with God - in prayer, reading, and obeying his Word. My husband allows me to go, but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be there without him.

    I also feel judged by some other Christians, like they assume I am backslidden because I am no longer in church 3+ times I week, like I used to be, since I spend that time in the evening with my husband.

  3. Liz ... I agree. I apprciate that our church does not have a 'youth ministry' or 'children's class.' The boys do go up front for a bible study, but the parents are right there and the brothers all pitch in when needed (the brothers take turns leading it, but all of them will pitch in). I really like this bible study time - going through the old testament. I am learning a lot listening in.
    YES, families should stay together!! I agree the modern church does a great job splitting them apart. Does not the Bible apply to ALL of us equally? Why split up then??

    Raine ... I can understand where you are coming from. It is very hard having a husband that does not agree spiritually. This can cause great struggles within us and tear down the marriage if we are not careful. The Bible says we are to be in subjection to them and that we can win them by the way we act. Conversely, we can turn them away by the way we act too.
    I'd say if he lets you go to church, then go. Only you know if he really does not mind if you go or not, so I cannot make that call. You know how sometimes someone will say "ok, you can do ____" but they really do not mean it. I believe that whether you are in or out of church, you should still be able to follow the Lord the same. I do know how difficult the journey is with no fellowship, but there are seasons ... and sometimes a season alone is just what is best.
    As for feeling judged by others :( the only thing that comes to my mind is that YOU and the LORD know what is going on. Do not let what others say get to you. I think it is normal to have something like that cause you to examine yourself to make sure you are walking right ... and if you are walking right, praise the Lord! But, if you are still feeling judged or condemned by what others say, maybe you need to dig a little deeper?? Maybe something IS wrong but you are just not aware of it?? I'm not saying there is ... just saying that the tricky thing about blind spots is they are blind! We don't realize they are there, and sometimes it takes a while to see it for what it is. I pray this makes sense??
    I think it’s a blessing to be able to spend the evenings with your husband … certainly that is more important than going to church 3 times a week? Is it the building that brings you closer to God, or is it simply walking in the Light that you have, reading the Word, etc.?
    I pray all of this makes sense. I have been thinking about this for a few days but nothing else has come to my mind. If something does, I will let you know. Be sure to walk in the light that you have, do all you know to obey and please your husband, and try to be content with where the Lord has you. You know, that’s something I struggle with on almost a daily basis … being content with where the Lord has me. It’s so hard sometimes when you think you know where you should be, what you should be doing and so on, but then the Lord has you somewhere else! Certainly He knows best. He can see the beginning through to the end. All we see are corners and walls … not knowing what is beyond the bend or over the wall. We just have to trust and obey. That (these trials and struggles we face) is where the growing happens.

    God bless you!!


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