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Friday, March 11, 2011

Real Faith Presses On And Overcomes

Often times whenever you are living by faith, that means there is nothing else there; I mean nothing. In fact, living by faith is having to go against everything that you might know and see and believe that is happening right in front of you. Real faith presses on, no matter what. Real faith goes right on past all of those things and presses on, because our faith is not in feeling; our faith is not in our emotions; our faith is not in the idea that we have God dwelling in our heart all the time and we are just bubbling all over. Faith happens whenever everything else is gone. Heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of the Lord will endure forever. This gospel that we have received – this message from God, a message of being able to be reconciled to God – goes against all that is in the world. The faith that we have in God is putting our trust that there is a God in heaven and that he has given us instructions in His word, and we are going to take the instructions He has given us in His word and follow them, no matter what else has or is happening. We believe in God. We have faith in His word; not that we would just worship this book (the Bible) but we have faith in God that what He says in this Book will lead us to the Lord. That what He says in this Book is the truth and we can go right on past what we see and hear and feel and touch, and press on to the Lord.


This is part of the message from a few weeks ago; it was a blessing. Real Faith Presses On And Overcomes (click on the title to listen to, download, or read the message)


  1. Don't you sense that hard times - and I mean REAL hard times - are coming? Faith in God will be the only thing to hold us up. And now is the time to start growing it. In the Word. ~Liz

  2. Yes Liz, I sure do. But ... praise the Lord!!


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