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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Women Tennis 'then and now' comparison

We got an interesting history time-line book the other day and it's been fun going through it. The other day I was reading in the early 1900s and there was a photograph of a woman tennis player. WOW. I was a bit surprised at her outfit (in a good way). I read what they had to say and then checked it out for myself before posting it here. I'm not advocating that women be tennis champions, so don't miss my point.

Here is a picture of the ladies' Wimbledon Champion for 1904 (Dorothea Chambers):

In 1905, May Sutton took the title; she became the first American and first non-British woman to win the Wimbledon singles. Here is a picture of her ... look at this and then read the scandal associated with it below:

She won the title while shocking the British audience by rolling up her sleeves to bare her elbows and wearing a skirt that showed her ankles.

Hmmm. And this just a few short years ago.

I'll leave out the picture of what women wear today while playing tennis. We don't need to go there.