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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Godly fathers and mothers

For some reason it was on my mind this morning how many godly fathers I know. Praise the Lord. These men have been a great blessing in our lives and we are glad to call them brothers.  The children and I always enjoy watching a brother play with his children, instruct them, discipline them, etc. and most importantly, be an example of Christ to them. My boys have learned so much from the brothers [the single brothers too] and we are thankful beyond words.

And of course the sisters are in their proper place, supporting their husbands, keeping the home, tending to the children, and so on. When sisters are in their place, their husbands are able to more fully serve the Lord. So many sisters are such an inspiration to me. I don't know how they keep up with all that they do!! My head just spins sometimes when I watch them whirl about this way and that, taking care of all they need to take care of. What a HUGE responsibility the Lord has given them!!! But he knows they can do it! I am thankful for the examples the sisters are setting for my daughter.

There is something so beautiful about walking into a home where love and peace reign. Where the father is the head, the wife is his support, and the children are in order. Where the parents love the Lord and do all they know how to serve him and train their children in the right way.

Lets us each strive to live each day for the Lord. Our time here is so short; let's not waste it.