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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our relationship with the Lord.

A day or two ago someone was speaking about our relationship with the Lord; they used the scripture of how Abraham was the friend of God and the other about Moses speaking with God as friends would speak to each other. This then was used to show us that we are to have this kind of friendship relationship with Christ, our Lord. My mind immediately went to where Christ says: You are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you. And then I thought of how I would not have very many friends if I told them the same thing: You are my friend if you do whatever I tell you to do.

We are the Lord's friend if we do whatever he commands us to do. It is only AFTER we meet that condition that we can have this friendship relationship with our Lord.

I remember some contemporary christian song that said something like "I am a friend of God; He calls me friend" and that was about the whole of the song. Nothing was ever said about actually obeying what Christ taught ... in fact, most of the churches that sing this song would call it WORKS to be obeying what Christ taught. All sorts of people doing things that are contrary to the teachings of Christ and the New Testament ... in fellowship, singing, dancing and clapping and saying that they are friends of God and God calls them friend.


  1. Can't a person sing about being a friend of God without having to add a disclaimer? 

    Who decides if I am truly a friend of God or not? You?

  2. Thanks sister. Wouldn't it be nice if all the people who argue with us on the street (about this and similar topics) would just read the Sermon on the Mount (Matt.5,6,&7)? Then they can ask themselves, "Did Jesus really mean what He said?" Apparently, they don't think He did.
    Lord bless you,
    Teyo lee

  3. Not only do they not believe, but many wont even look at it ... and most of these are professing christians.

    Lord bless you Teyo. Love to all at Zion Road.

    "But we, brethren, being taken from you for a short time in presence, not in heart, endeavoured the more abundantly to see your face with great desire."

  4. I'm currently reading in Ezekiel, and from it and the few books before it, I am struck at how God let Israel go their own demise because they would not OBEY Him! So many think that has nothing to do with us today and the New Testament, but Christ certainly didn't seem to think so. Time and again He tells us to OBEY. The Israelites embraced the culture around them, worshipped other gods, and got soft in their relationship with the one true God. For some reason this time understanding came to me that the Israelites were no different then professing Christians today. The Israelites must have thought that God didn't mean what He had said, they must have thought that it was okay to dress skimpily, sleep with whomever they wanted, eat and drink all they wanted, and so on. They too knew God to be a God of love because the God of love didn't just show up in the New Testament.

    I don't think Moses had a chummy relationship with God. Friendships usually occur between people who have an equal footing, or who don't have any authority over each other. It's why businesses have "fraternization" rules. You may be friends with the boss off hours, but you will be treated like an employee when it comes to work time. Off hours your boss has no authority over you, but God always has authority over us.

  5. Thank you Tia. I was just reading in Ezekiel a few days ago too ... chapter 18 has a lot of IFs and THENs in it that I appreciate. I remember the first time I read through that chapter as a new follower of the Lord. I had just heard someone talk about how the sins of the parents are passed on to the children. The way this person explained it, it did not sit right with me. I always thought I had a choice. I did not have to be an alcoholic like my mom or dad. I did not have to abuse drugs like my mom and dad did. I did not have to divorce like they did. And so on. It was my choice to do all those things (though I would never say I was as bad as a full blown alcoholic; I did manage to keep control of drinking unlike my parents). Even as a professing atheist I knew it was wrong. My conscience really bothered me. Of course I know now that that was the grace of God trying to WAKE ME UP. God's grace has appeared to ALL MEN and it is what is trying to show us what is wrong in our lives and not pleasing to the Lord. It does not matter what our parents did ... we can CHOOSE to do what is right or we can CHOOSE to do what is wrong.

    That is just one thing that happens to disturb me greatly ... when someone tries to blame their sin on someone else.

    I appreciate your thought on how the people in the OT lived like God was all love and would look over their disobedience just like they do today. Even then they could receive forgiveness if they would just TURN FROM THEIR SIN!!!

    Love, j


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