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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Modesty quotes from John Wesley

Not that I am here to promote everything Wesley taught, because I am not. I simply appreciate his thoughts here on modesty:

"The wearing of gay or costly apparel, naturally tends to breed and to increase vanity. By vanity I here mean the love and desire of being admired and, praised. Every one of you that is fond of dress has a witness of this in your own bosom. Whether you will confess it before man or no, you are convinced of this before God. You know in your heart it is with a view of being admired, that you thus adorn yourself and that you would not be at the pains were none to see you but God and His holy angels. You have vanity enough by nature; but by thus indulging it, you increase it a hundred-fold. Aim at pleasing God alone and all these ornaments will drop off."

"Gay and costly apparel directly tends to create and influence lust.... The fact is plain and undeniable, it has the effect both on the wearer and beholder. You kindle a flame, which, at the same time consumes both yourself and your admirers ..."

"The wearing of costly array is directly opposite to being adorned with good works. Nothing can be more evident than this; for the more you lay out on your own apparel, the less you have left to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry, to lodge the stranger, to relieve those that are sick and in prison."

Women, we must each examine ourselves. Why are we dressed the way we are dressed? Are we dressed solely to please the Lord and not be a block of stumbling to our brothers and other men? Or are we dressed to please our flesh and that of others? Does our dress clearly represent the Lord's kingdom, or does it represent that or the world?

When you get dressed in the morning, which kingdom are you representing?


  1. Just a friendly reminder to everyone reading here: Jesus doesn't care how we dress. Whether covered head-to-toe in layers of fabric, or shorts and a T on a hot summer's day; He's still crazy in love with you! The heart is what matters most, just keep working on that.

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  3. I think it is sinful to go around half dressed, at a church we visited last night for the 4th, one of the ladies had on a mesh tank top over a solid tank top, I found it NOT APPROPRIATE at all.

  4. A sermon called "The Language of the Christian's Clothing" by S.M. Davis is a very good one. Clothing does say who we are to the world. There are extremes on both ends of the conservatives and the "worldy christians" Look up the word modest. The bible says, modest apparel. I wonder if we can be immodest when we dress so plain it draws attention to us?? Or we dress plain and look down our noses upon those who don't. Sounds like the Pharisees. This sermon can be ordered at:

  5. To Old Tin Recipe Box: We are called to be separate from this world, a peculiar people. If we live and look like the world, then we are of the world. God changes the heart to take heed to his word, if we but ask him to give us understanding of his word, and we take heed of it.


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