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Monday, August 27, 2012

Are you taking the bible too serious?

I once heard someone say, "When deciding between right and wrong, picture yourself standing before the judgement seat of Christ. Sin will lose its grip."

When you stand before the Lord on that great and fearful day, will you:

- Be ashamed for dressing "too modestly" and covering your head?

- Be ashamed for not adorning yourself with makeup or jewelry?

- Be ashamed for loving your enemies "too much"?

- Be ashamed for remaining pure and faithful to your covenant spouse even though they were not pure and faithful? (or be ashamed for repenting of NOT being pure and faithful and vowing to remain pure and faithful from that point on?)

- Be ashamed for being "too careful" about what kind of music you listen to?

- Be ashamed for being "too strict" to stay away from all forms of worldly entertainment (amusement or theme parks, theatres, concerts, etc.)

- Be ashamed for sharing the Truth with someone even though it offended them and, in some cases, cost your relationship?

- Be ashamed for giving "too much" away to those who needed it?

- Be ashamed for spending "too much time" with the elderly and shut-ins?

- Be ashamed for remaining pure before getting married? Be ashamed for having never touched the opposite sex outside of marriage?

- Be ashamed for clearing out your home of any and ALL unneeded items?

- Be ashamed for living simply in order to free up more of your money and time to bless and minister to others?

Or will the opposite be true?

How about you. Are YOU taking the bible "too serious"? Are not matters of life and death serious? Do we really believe Jesus is Lord? If so, EVERY area of our lives should reflect that.


  1. I really like this post Joanne.

  2. Praise the Lord Renee. Thanks for letting me know.

    (I added a few more to the end)

  3. The more I go along, the MORE I take the Bible more serious. I've always taken it pretty serious anyway, but now, as I get older, even more so.

  4. So going to the lake as a family and swimming, boating, skiing are all unnecessary forms of entertainment? Like was not meant to just be endured. It IS possible to wear modest jewelry, modest (yet attractive) clothing, and have fun with your family without it being a sin. You don't need to look, dress, live like a nun to get to heaven. Your idea of simple and most other's may not be the same and you aren't the one to tell other's where the boundary lies.

  5. Thank you, Joanne. I hope you can overlook the catty, petty, and judgmental comments on your posts, because I appreciate your sharing as I love to learn about others' walk with the Lord.

  6. Thank you Joanna for your post. You have given us a lot to think about. I do take the Bible seriously. I'm not perfect by a long shot so I appreciate that God is patient with me and He is helping me to grow spiritually.


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