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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Storing up treasures on earth ... TIME

A brother preached a few weeks ago about storing up treasures on earth. His main focus was how TIME can be something that we attempt to store up on this earth. How so? A good example would be getting impatient or frustrated when things do not go our way. [There are so many examples, I encourage you to stop and see if you can think of a time recently where you have been frustrated or upset when things did not go the way you had planned or hoped them to go. Maybe I'll share a little more on this in the near future.] If things are not going OUR WAY, really the issue is selfishness. Is time really ours to keep? Are we spending ALL our time in a way that is pleasing to the Lord? If we died today, would we be able to stand before the Lord unashamed at the way we spent the time he gave us here on earth? Or will we hang our heads in shame, knowing full well we kept back some for ourselves?

Christ does not want only some or most of your time. He wants all of it. It is not yours to begin with anyway.

Some brothers were in a dangerous situation a few nights ago. I'm sure they did NOT want to be in such a place wondering if their last breath was coming at any minute ... wondering if their time here on earth was over. Certainly things did not go the way they assumed they would go; the Lord obviously had other plans for them that evening. It was a blessing to hear their testimonies this morning, reflecting on some of the things they learned. I believe the Lord uses these kinds of situations to help us and to help others involved. If love for God and love for others are our driving motives, such tests will end in a way that brings glory and honor to the Lord, regardless of whether it was our last breath or not.

Let us all be about our Father's business ... redeeming the time for the days are evil. Life is so short. Time is almost gone. If we are not living fully for the Lord today, we will not be living with him in eternity.

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