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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apologia Science

My children (well, my boys anyway) really enjoy science. I couldn't seem to keep enough science books around the house when they were younger. Tylor always enjoyed chemistry and physics, but recently he's been reading a biology book. Corban has always been insects, animals and of course ... GARDENING. Anything that has to do with growing plants, he's on it. (here is a post about the kale seeds he saved, and here are all the gardening posts from this past gardening season - there are a few pages so you have to click 'older posts' at the bottom if you want to see more.) I never did check out Apologia Science so I cannot say whether it's worth the buy or not ... though I'd say probably not since the public library has so many science books and nature itself is full of it.

The point of this post: We got this advertisement in the mail some time last spring I think but I am just now putting it on here; it made us all laugh real good. I hope you catch what's wrong or 'funny' about this picture.


  1. That's funny... Or true... Either someone made a mistake and will get in trouble at work, Or worldly science doesn't know the difference between a stomach or head

    OR... They know EXACTLY what they are doing and they will control our brains with the GMO foods they try to feed us... LOL

    I Didn't know he was into gardening... So are we, we are growing an heirloom organic garden. I will check out his blog.

  2. You got it :) David said: "I don't want that guy workin' on my brain!"

    (GMO ... that was funny ... but then it was not funny)

    Yes, Corban really enjoys anything that has to do with gardening. He started his first bigger garden when he was 10 I think? He had his nose in garden books for months on end and learned a lot. Recently these last 2 seasons he's been learning about heirloom gardening, saving seeds, etc. We ALL like to work in the garden, but Corban is the only one that seems to have the real desire to learn all the 'ins and outs' and the other more technical stuff. We just say to him: "Just tell us what to do and we'll do it!"

  3. HAHA! That's funny! Creation-Based science looks so stupid!

  4. And everything came from nothing looks so smart.

  5. Where is that in the ad? Is that what the little boy is pointing at?

    You can't point out how funny a mistake is, and then be all passive-aggressive when someone laughs. What's your game, sister?

  6. No game; my response was straight forward.

  7. Hello, Joanne,
    I made a new blogger id,and use blogger for my back up blog lol


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