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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Praise God for Obama!

First, as strangers and pilgrims here, we (professing christians) have no business participating in politics. This is not our kingdom. We are just passing through. Pilgrims. Ambassadors. 

Leading up to and days following the re-election of Obama, I have seen and heard so many professing christians 'bashing' Obama and spreading hate. (but, there is no such thing as a hateful christian for a true christian only loves) They are so worried and upset. Some even say God did not answer their prayers. Some say they have to get a gun now because this country is going downhill fast and they'll need to protect their stuff. (wow. that is very unloving and anti-Christ!) It is clear that many have their faith in the wrong thing. And now that erroneous [but thought-to-be-real] faith has been shaken. Satan is happy. If you put your faith in GOD instead of man, you will trust that God knows what he is doing.

Instead of bashing on and complaining and worrying about who GOD ordained to be in office [all of which go against commands in the NT], why not PRAY for Obama and trust the Lord? [both of which are commands in the NT] Pray that he would have wisdom & discernment to lead this country right. Instead of tearing him down, lift him up.

Put your faith in God, not man. No matter who is in office, you (speaking to professing Christians) can still carry out all the commands in the New Testament.



  1. AMEN!
    Pray for Our Nation Everyone.
    what is is is, He is our President for another 4 years,
    Do not give up Hope, Pray instead of spreading hatefulness

  2. God's will was done, period. If Christians are that upset over the results, they should be searching themselves to see how their sin might have contributed to God's decision & repent. I put up a post yesterday on how Hitler was the lesser of 2 evils next to Communism. Every nation gets the Government & ultimately the judgement they deserve.

  3. Where in the Bible does it speak of being separate from government. John the Baptist lost his life making a religious statement to a political leader! Jesus is King of Kings /political. Lord of Lords /political and religious! Deuteronomy 1:15/18 lays out basic government with leaders and judges, 16:18/19 also. The statement you can't mix politics and religion or you can't legislate morality is a lie from the pit of hell. The question is who will legislate or whose morality will you be governed by. If an elderly lady is being attacked in front of you what would you do? Stop the attack, pray and do nothing else, or lend aide after the attacker left. Our country is the old lady under attack, we need to pray like never before, but we also need to act. If all the God fearing Christians voted by biblical and moral standards the results may have been different. God doesn't want us to be a silent force we should proclaim truth.
    I think all born again believer's are waiting for God to come and welcome it. We view the election as a sign that the end may be near. Let me ask, at judgment when family friends neighbors people who you deal with are cast into the Lake that Burneth with fire. Have you done all you can do, I know that I haven't. Do we need more time to reach the lost do we

  4. Care. Sorry something happened and I couldn't edit? I think sometimes we get caught up in the church community and forget the rest of the world. You can not live in this world and be separated from it. Jesus met the world (sinners) on their own turf. He went where they were. He didn't restrict himself to the religious! Oh by the way didn't he call Herod a fox? May that have been a political statement?

  5. A brother's response to Johnb Bigham:

    It doesn't seem to work to comment on your blog. So here it is.

    My kingdom is not of this world. If My Kingdom were of this world, then would My servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but NOW is my kingdom not from here.

    They (my disciples) are not of the world, even as I not of the world.

    Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims....

    Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord, Almighty.

    Who's feeding us these ideas? This same one also said something about going into all the world to preach what he taught to everyone. Sure, go to Iran and teach them to protect at all costs their old Lady liberty, or old man, or whoever it is.... Do the same in Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba, sure thing. Oh, I forgot, Jesus said only the UNITED STATES!!!?

    Yes, protect that old Lady, embrace her.... Don't worry about her being a Mother of harlots, she's so dear...

    But the Jesus WE know, told us that the field is the world. The good seed are the children of the kingdom- a kingdom that is not of this world.

    This world loves his own, Jesus said. But it passes away, along with its lusts.

    Let this perishing world love his own, protect his own, embrace his own. Christians live in the devil's kingdom, but they let the devil plead for himself, while they look for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

    Yet they obey the laws that the old lady makes to keep order in her kingdom. They pay her taxes, just or unjust, if they can. After all, her image is on her old worthless currency, LET HER HAVE IT!! There is a treasure somewhere else that fadeth not away...

    True Christians even pray for kings, and for all that are in authority, not just the for the king of the country they are living in. And their purpose in the prayer is for the good of the kingdom of heaven. And that they might lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

    Can the world legislate morality? Absolutely so! Though they do seem to have an awful hard time doing it. But here's something the world will never do, and that is, legislate the morality of the kingdom of Jesus. Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; turn the other cheek; be separate; do good to them that hate you. The world and politics can't even touch these things, or understand them.

    O adulterers and adulteresses! Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    Marcus Rohrer

  6. Mr. Bingham I would argue that prayer is action. When we pray & are searching ourselves to expose & eradicate sin w/ God's help, He'll act on that when it pleases Him. In the meantime our family & household can only turn out holier & stronger. Reading scripture, it becomes evident that the only kind of government sanctioned by God is monarchy. God pointed out to Samuel that it was He Himself being rejected & told Samuel to go & set up an election whereby the Israelites could vote themselves a new president. No, of course not. Scripturally God works through the lot, not the vote. "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD" Prov. 16:33
    Here's an excerpt from an excellent series over at
    He puts it much more succinctly than I & I tend to ramble.
    "Power was devolving, as you can clearly see. In the beginning it was with God alone, and as the apostasy spread, governance was devolving into the rule of the MOB. First, there was one God and King, and the people didn’t like that. So they were granted earthly kings, which multiplied the sin and rebellion and wickedness. Not happy with earthly kings, man demanded the full representation of all men, so that inevitably the mob would be the king. When wicked men (even most of those who call themselves “christian”, but who are not) “elect” rulers, you will end up with the distilled sinfulness of the people, all gathered into one person on whom the majority can agree. This is an absolute promise that elections lead to degradation and destruction. In America, every four years an increasingly sinful and reprobated populace gather together to choose from among the least devilish of two devils"....."God had (they said) returned power to the people. There were “inalienable rights” of man that God was restoring by doing away with the kings that man had demanded. Christians were taught that rebellion was sanctified by the passing of time, and that in America particularly (they claimed), God had raised up a more perfect union, and that He had absolutely blessed and encouraged their rebellion."
    It's a 4 part series, but a very worthwhile, thought provoking read. I have always voted until this cycle & I feel a much greater sense of peace than 4 years ago. God doesn't need us to vote to put who He wants on the throne.


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