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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Greet One Another With A Holy Kiss

Today Brother David preached about the body of Christ - specifically about how you cannot separate Christ from his teachings. You are either following him or you are not. If you are not following him (obeying his teachings), then you are not a part of his body. The message was a real blessing ... you can listen to it here:
"SAVED OUTSIDE THE KINGDOM?" - The error of separating salvation from the kingdom.

While I was listening to David, a memory came to me. I am not going to share the specifics of the memory, but I will share the point. The bible says clearly that we (saints, the body of Christ) are to greet one another with a holy kiss. Nowhere does it say that this greeting is reserved for only those who are a "member" of your particular church or denomination. There is only one body. You are either in it or you are not in it.

Now go listen to the message! 

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  1. I sure appreciated this sermon. Very thought provoking! As is the title of your post. Thank you.


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