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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking back at 2012

Another year has gone. Looking back at all I have learned in 2012, there are a few things that really stick out to me.

~ I put unrealistic expectations on myself. This is always unintentional and I am so thankful a few brothers helped me see the light in this area. Peace comes when we are doing the Lord's will.

~ This past year I've been learning more fully about being quiet. I don't have to win. I don't have to be right. I don't even have to be heard. It does not matter. I just need to be quiet. There are times to share, but we must be careful. The Proverbs 31 woman always opens her mouth with wisdom ... and as I like to say, she keeps it shut with wisdom too.

~ Love. The Lord has put me in the middle of some hard trials over the past year; I've had a lot of opportunities to really practice loving others. It's not about justice. It's about being gentle, longsuffering, and filled with unconditional love for others. Let all that we say or do be a reflection of Christ. We may not be able to stop evil, but we can overcome it with good.

~ (edited to add this in) You cannot please everyone. Just do the best you can and aim to please the Lord.

A final thought. The Lord has a way of bringing growth and it's usually not in ways we would expect. That is why I believe it is so important to give thanks to him in EVERYTHING. Trials in our lives usually come because the Lord is trying to help us grow in one area or another. The past few weeks I've heard a brother say a few times how iron sharpens iron ... and that takes quite a bit of friction, can be uncomfortable, can cause some pain, etc.


  1. Amen Joanne...
    I find myself at times needing to do this

  2. Very grateful to the Lord for all His blessings in 2012.Growth can be painful. As kids we had physical growing pains; stands to reason we would spiritually as well. So I guess even if the change/growth is not apparent...the pain/discomfort is then a good indicator. Admitting I am wrong, and putting myself last have been good stretching exercises for me this year. I pray the Lord will continue to bless me in these areas again this coming year.

  3. Be right? No.
    Live right, is that eternal life.
    In this upside down world we will be told how wrong we are. Time (eternity) will tell. Until then Jason.
    Acts 17:
    Well all of it, we are babblers
    2Kings 21:13
    Psalms 146:9
    Isaiah 24:1, 29:16

  4. Thanks for sharing.

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    Take Care


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