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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updates coming soon ...

Just letting you all know ... when I have a few hours some day soon I plan to make my blog private and then re-post all the older posts that are in 'draft' status right now. I have already re-posted some older ones from 2007, however I noticed that whoever is on my email list gets a long list of 'new posts' ... but they are really not new. So, hopefully setting my blog to 'private' while I re-post all the old posts will eliminate a bunch of emails going on.

Does that make sense? Or maybe there's another way to do it?

Update: Ok, I just went through some posts from 2007 ... but still have more from that year to go! I am not sure I left the blog 'private' long enough or not so maybe you email subscribers will still get an email of old posts that have been re-posted? We'll see.

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