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Monday, June 3, 2013

Submission: The spirit of the law vs. The letter of the law

SUBMISSION. What does it mean to you as a woman? Is it something you HAVE to do or something you WANT to do? Are you following the LETTER of it, or are you following the SPIRIT of it? Are you being a LEGALIST, looking for loopholes and seeing all that you can get away with? Or do you love the truth and just want to do what is pleasing to God regardless of what it costs you?
Anyone can follow a set of rules. True submission is about believing and trusting the Lord. He has put someone over you. Now trust him and believe him when he says:

Be quiet in church. Do not usurp the man's authority.
If you have a question, ask your husband at home.
If your husband is not obeying the word, win him with your meek and quiet spirit.
You are the weaker vessel.

Where is your heart in this matter?


  1. You know, I have been studying this topic for a few weeks. I heard a sermon about a woman submitting to her husband just as Jesus submitted to God and it really opened up my eyes to proper submission! We should submit joyfully, without complaining. A question I have pondered is pleading my case. I had noticed when I told my children to do something, they had gotten in a pattern of "pleading their case." I realized that thy learned it from me. It made me think that must be the way I deal with my husband and is that submission? I think not! I am seeking The Lord to submit without questioning and enjoying the blessings that come along with it!

  2. If I may, I share a link that might sum up your statement about The Law vs The Spirit. Let's forget about the Ministry of this link, I just appreciated the OT view vs the NT view. You may delete it if you do not agree. God bless.

  3. Alison - thank you for bringing up the issue of 'pleading our case'. We are prone to this and we must keep it under control!! It's all about trusting the Lord. If we trust the Lord then it will be no problem to fully submit to the one he put over us. But we must keep that in mind!! God is good!

    Elizabeth - I posted your comment but I do not have time to check out the link right now. So .. I cannot say whether I agree with it or not.

    God bless you both!!


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