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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eve's Way

It seems more and more I hear or meet or know of women who are not in their proper place. Sadly, many of these women claim to be believers yet they are following Eve's Way and are plucking their houses down. I 'wish' this were not a subject needing to be addressed so often, but it is. It is vitally important for women to be in their rightful, God-given place as we have so much power in the home, over the husband and the children! We can use this power to the glory of God or to the delight of Satan. Let us not take the example set by Eve.

Here is a message on this subject; it is titled "Eve's Way." You may read it in PDF or listen to it. You may also download it and listen to it later.
Eve's Way PDF
Eve's Way audio


  1. Thanks for posting this Joanne, I needed to hear it again.

  2. Dear Sister in Christ,
    If I read the sermon correct, your pastor is saying that a woman cannot be saved but through her husband? I did not see the scriptural backing up of that in his sermon and wonder how you feel as a divorced woman. Your first husband is not a Christian, so does that mean you are not saved and cannot go to heaven? If woman are only saved through their husbands, what about those women who have come to the Lord but their husbands have not? I agree that women have a place in the home, but I do not agree that a woman is only saved through her husband.

  3. KJ, I think if you re-read the sermon you'll find that he is not saying we are saved through our husbands.
    It's the blood of Christ that saves us.
    However if we are not obeying our husbands, we are not obeying the Lord as that is His commandment to us as women. What unsaved person wants to disobey? The yoke of Jesus is easy & His burden is light. With the exception of unscriptural or illegal requests, we can know we're w/in God's will when we obey whatever our husbands ask of us.

  4. K.J. I agree with what Mrs. V said about "if we are not obeying our husbands then we are not obeying the Lord" but I believe we should obey our husbands "even as Sarah obeyed Abraham". I encourage you to read up on how Sarah obeyed Abraham.

    God bless you both.

  5. Mrs. V and Ms. Joanne,
    I went back and re-read the sermon as you said, and it very clearly says "if a woman is disobedient to her husband, she cannot be saved"
    The reality is that is not true. She can very much be saved, but much like everyone else living in sin. That does not mean she is not saved, and to make such a statement is not Christian. You cannot know what it is someone's heart, period, and only God can judge if a person is truly saved. Your obedience or lack there of, to your husband, while a sin, is not an indication of salvation. And again I ask, Ms. Joanne, how do you justify believing your are saved then while your husband is not there for you to be obedient to?

  6. KJ - I did not suggest you re-read the sermon, I suggested going to the bible and reading about Sarah. Please go do that and let me know what you come up with.

    1 Peter 3:1-6 tells us that we are to obey our husbands who are NOT obeying the word. It tells us we can WIN them to the truth IF we act in a way that is pleasing to God. Sarah is the only woman specifically mentioned as an example for us ... so I believe it is a great idea to go back and learn exactly how Sarah obeyed Abraham.

  7. I enjoyed this sermon and it ties in perfectly of what Yah has been teaching me and I desire to be a submissive wife and also dress modestly and covered. Please pray for me to be obedient and whatever else is appropriate thank you bless you in Yahshua's name! Autumn

    1. Praise the Lord! I will be praying for you Autumn; thank you for sharing. Shalom and God bless you.


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