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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thoughts on christmas

I know I've shared before that I do not celebrate christmas. In fact, I really don't even like using the word 'christmas' because it has the name Christ.

I never really was big in to celebrating christmas and it always confused me why it was touted as a christian holiday because I was very well aware of the origins - I first discovered the truth as a child reading the encyclopedia. I am sure this was one of many things that caused me to be an atheist; I kept finding more and more evidence that proved professing christianity was a joke. In spite of all that, I did celebrate it a little as a family tradition thing but was sure to keep Christ OUT of it because for one, I knew it had nothing to do with him and two, I did not believe in God anyway. I remember a response I used to say, mockingly, to professing christians when they said, "Keep Christ in christmas!" ... "He was never in it to begin with!"

I will never forget the first year I officially stopped celebrating christmas - it was 2005 and we were living in Washington State. My grandma was going to fly over from Nebraska to hang out with us for a week or so and was excited to be there for the christmas season. I had to break it to her that we did not have a tree and were not going to celebrate. She got really, really upset with me. She was the only active professing christian in my family as far as I knew and was so excited when I started reading the bible and talking about Christ ... but her excitement did not last too long.

She never did get over the fact that I did not celebrate christmas. For her it was much more of an emotional thing than anything else and I believe that is the case for many who profess to be christians, know the pagan and occult foundations of christmas, and yet still choose to participate in it. For most it has a 'warm fuzzy feeling' associated with it and they do not want to loose that. They are so attached to this feeling or emotion that they are choosing it over the truth. Darkness is being chosen over light. Instead of losing ones life here on this earth, it is being saved on this earth with the false hope of still having it in the world to come too.

Is this what Christ taught?

A few years ago my dad took me, my brother and his wife out to eat during this time of year. As we were walking towards the restaurant I could hear the christmas music playing.

Oh! You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

He's making a list
Checking it twice
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

WHAT?! I had heard that song my whole life and even sang it but I never thought of what it actually said till I started following the Lord. Did you read that? Really? Idolatry. God hates this!

Today for the message Brother Kevn shared some thoughts on christmas and I really appreciated it. Nothing many of us [those we are in fellowship with] have not thought before, but still really good to be reminded. One is that nearly every single tradition associated with christmas is pagan or straight from the occult. The crazy thing is, it's not a secret. Anyone can look it up with hardly any effort at all ... it's all right there for us to see if we want to. 

Christ calls us out of this world to follow him. He says we are to walk in the light. Light cannot abide with darkness. The Lord says we are to be holy in ALL manner of living.

Is it holy to participate in the occult? to have fellowship with darkness? What does the bible say?

Kevn pointed out Titus 2 where we are called peculiar people [God's own!], zealous of good works. Thinking of the pagan and occult foundations of christmas (that are still very much a part of the holiday), would God's own people, who are zealous of good works, participate in such things? And even worse, participate in such things and mix Christ with it?

After the message, as usual, other brothers shared too. One younger brother shared about how he hears people say things like "keep Christ in Christmas" but then for the sake of the christmas holiday they go about doing so many things Christ taught exactly against. Coveting. Storing up treasures. Loving the world. Greed. Hate. Lying. The list goes on.

While I believe one key "reason for the season" is SELF or FLESH, another key "reason for the season" is money. The commercial industries would be so upset if 'we' stopped celebrating this [unholy] holiday. This should be a huge black flag for us!

Our current church sign.

Please come out from among them and be separate. Touch not the unclean thing. Do not practice the ways of the world: "Learn not the way of the heathen". Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbour as yourself.

Narrow minded? Praise the Lord!


  1. This is so, so true! I'm happy to discover that there are true Christians still in existence today. The sad thing is that Jesus (pbuh) is very rarely mentioned in Christmas festivities anymore and most atheists happily indulge in it. Strange!

  2. I learned early on that this was not a religious holiday as our group knows it's false religion. But they did think it was ok to celebrate at home however you saw fit. So we always celebrated as a santa clause day. strictly fantasy. Now all these years later after my children are grown, I wish we had never celebrated at all. I now think I did my children a disservice. It seems just as wrong to celebrate false noncense as to make it religious. I should have done my own studies back then. We stand alone before God and must give an account. I think I did wrong. Now that I know better my children are still carrying on this tradition. Barbara

  3. I've read and heard that Christmas is of pagan origins but so is our calendar. Are we to quit using our calendar because the months are named after false gods?

    After much prayer and studying I have come to the conclusion that it is not wrong to celebrate Christmas. Yes I know Jesus was not born that day nor the Bible tells us to celebrate His birth (although the angels,shepherds, and even the wise men two years later did) but in my heart and mind I am honoring and thankful of the blessed Gift God gave to mankind. Also, greater is is He that is in you than He that is in the world. Jesus conquered all the false gods and pagan rituals so why should I fear them? We are to live victoriously in Christ and not in fear of pagan rituals or traditions.
    I do agree that Santa takes away from Jesus and its wrong to let kids believe in that lie. But are we to always be afraid of our imagination when it is surrendered to Christ? When He is the ruler of our hearts and mind we don't need to fear make believing.
    With all this said I fully respect your decision to not celebrate Christmas but it's up to Jesus to convict others in the truth. Yes, we are to share the truth but not bash people for their decisions (though I didn't get that impression in your post).

    May God bless you in your walk with Him.

  4. We refer to Christmas as Yalda or Saturnalia. Just like we call Halloween Samhain. Nothing holy about any of those celebrations' origins.

    And Santa Clause we refer to as Krampus. I don't recommend Googling Krampus with children or sensitive individuals. There is far more to the story of Santa Claus than has survived the modern celebrations. And it is not pretty.

    I don't care about the days of the week nor the months as I don't celebrate them. Just like my having a pagan goddess name doesn't make me a big celebration (though, I do consider changing it at times to my nickname). Partaking in something and calling something by its name are two very different points. This is abstract, but I will illustrate the best I can nonetheless:

    Say we are visiting ancient Persia and there is this goddess named Anahita. When speaking with the native Persians, we refer to their Anahita as Anahita. I'm not about to celebrate her, her feasts, etc..., but someone in this country has given it a name and in order to articulate to one another we use this name. So are the days of the week and months. We live on this earth as pilgrims, and people have their gods, goddesses, and customs. We refer to them as their names to articulate ourselves among them, but we certainly don't participate in their feasts. Just like we say Christmas. We don't celebrate it, just refer to it. I hope that makes sense. (Though I do prefer Yalda or Saturnalia.)

  5. Multiple responses here.

    Thank you Ana - you summed it up very well and made it easier for me ;)

    Something brother Kevn said in the message was how sometimes he gets asked, "Don't you believe in christmas?" He says, "Yeah - it happens every year! But that does not mean I am going to celebrate it!"

    I did not know Anahita was a goddess; I think it's a beautiful name. I wonder how many of our names have pagan origins? So many names (months, weeks, etc.) have pagan origins but we cannot help that. We can however help celebrating a pagan holiday. "Keep Christ in christmas" is just like saying 'Keep Christ in halloween,' and that's probably what we'll be hearing before too long if the Lord tarries. Halloween is already being celebrated in most 'churches' today. Sooner or later it will somehow be called 'christian' too and we'll be hearing the same arguments and justifications.

    Why not just obey the bible and come out and be separate? Learn not the ways of the nations? Be holy in all manner of living?

    Embrace the light, don't run from it or kick it!

    Barbara: You are so right: we all stand alone before God and must give an account for our actions. Right now we have a chance to repent ... and true repentance may help bring someone else to the truth too. Maybe your children will see the truth by your actions? There is hope!

    Rebekah: I pray you take to heart the things that have been said here. If God used a donkey to convict someone of the truth he can sure use people as well and has used people all throughout the existence of man.

    SM: I do not think it's sad that Christ is rarely mentioned in christmas festivities ... I think it proves a good point - but I think I understand what you are saying and thank you for your input! Even as an atheist I found it hard to indulge in christmas because of the hypocrisy surrounding it all. But you bring up a good point: many atheists have no problem celebrating it and I assume that's because they know it is not really christian.

    And a side note ... you all see those [false] plastic nativity scenes in yards this time of year? Why is Joseph wearing a pink robe and Mary wearing a blue one? Hmmmmmm....

  6. I thank you for the concern but I have really prayed about this and I feel no condemnation from the Lord to take a pagan day and use it to glorify my Savior. As HE is greater than ANY false god. I despise Halloween and take no part in it what so ever. Not even the "christian" fall festivals. But I find no sin in worshiping my Lord and Savior. My family and I give meaningful needed gifts (as the wise men gave much needed gifts to Jesus even though it was 2 years later) and have a Christmas tree (or as my family likes to call it a memory tree with the ornaments representing another blessed year God gave us). Just having a tree doesn't mean that I "worship" it.

    Again just because I celebrate it doesn't make me a sinner nor does it jeopardize my Salvation but I fully respect everyone's own convictions as to handle Christmas.

    God bless

  7. Rebekah,
    You are going to hell over Christmas? Well....if.Christmas or head coverings didn't get you.... or remarriage... there will be something that will condemn to hell by other Christians....maybe baptism.... maybe your view on end times. Rest assured.... unless your 100 percent correct on a given will burn in hell ( yes I know that means most Christians who never agreed on anything will burn too...but headcoverngs and remarriage are foremost in Gods eyes... he spends more time on those subjects above all others.

  8. P.s. glad you have to approve comments...someone might say something that would wrinkle your head covering! Your so thoughtful!

  9. Hildafunk,

    I don't quite understand what you mean. Salvation only comes from placing my faith in trust in Jesus Christ alone. Nothing that I do will get me to Heaven EXCEPT place my faith in Jesus.

    There is not one single Scripture that says I will lose my salvation because I worship God on Christmas, nor head cover (which I think all women that are married should do but since I'm not married and never have been but will cover if one day the Lord blesses me with a Godly man). Also head covering and remarriage are not the topics God holds higher than any other topic. They are NOT salvation issues. If you truly think that they are please show me Scriptural references that say I will definitely lose my salvation if I do/don't do these things.

    Out of respect to Joanne I don't want to "blow up" her blog so if anyone wants continue to talk to me you are more than welcome to email me at Though I ask you that all your speech be "with salt" and no curse, rude, or character attacking.

    I want to thank you Joanne for willing to be open to all comments even if they differ from your own.

    God Bless,

  10. For those who believe that they can "clean up" pagan holidays and whitewash them in Jesus' name, need to deeply study what actually happened when the Children of Israel worshiped the Golden Calf and what is called "the sin of Jeroboam."

    God says in Deut. 12:4, "You must not worship the LORD your God in their way." and then He goes on to say in Deut. 12:29-32, "You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it"

    Christmas is a counterfeit holy day. Syncretism is a grievous sin in God's eyes (he says so at least 21 times when referencing the sin of Jeroboam in the Tanak).

    Jeroboam's sin was so grievous in God's eyes that the Almighty wiped Jeroboam and all of his male heirs off the face of the earth as a punishment for leading all of Israel into that sin.

    God has already told us in His word what days we are to worship Him, we don't need to steal pagan holidays to do so.

  11. All of your interests are so self righteous....... you probably havent ministered to a non believer for years....... you are never going to do a enough to please God. Seeya Pharisee!

  12. Tammy so you say we aren't suppose to celebrate pagan holidays? Then lets throw out birthdays, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, New Years, and Valentines day too as they are man made celebrations.

    Can you show me in the Word of God that says "do not celebrate" any of these Holidays? If you go by the old law in the old testament for the laws to live by then you must keep ALL of them. Jesus says though that if you break just ONE of them you've broken them all. Where is the freedom in Christ that Jesus says we have when we place our faith in Him?

    Again i think God convicts everyone on certain areas in how they are to live/not live their life. And i think celebrating Holidays is one of those areas. It is not a sin nor will i lose my salvation for celebrating them.


  13. Bekah – No, we are not supposed to celebrate pagan holidays. YES! Let's throw out birthdays, valentine's day, easter, new year, 'independence day' and all the others!!

    Tammy already gave you some proof from the scriptures [though there is a lot more], however proof should not even been needed … why would the Father or Messiah be pleased of us taking from the pagan cultures? We are called to come out and be separate.

    As for 'freedom in Christ' → Christ says freedom only comes when we keep his words. Let's believe him!!

  14. Thank You Joanne for replying.

    Its sounds to me that you still believe we live under the old laws but we now live in the time of grace. Now that doesn't mean we can live any ol way as you're right we do have to obey His word but I don't see how celebrating Jesus is wrong. So on Christmas day you dont pray to God at all? As that would be celebrating Him.

    I dont see how the Scripture Tammy gave is relevant to this topic. Does she know for a fact that that king worshipped the calf on Dec 25? I always heard that that day was a Babylonian feast day. Something called Balmas.
    Anyway if God truly wants me to stop worshipping Him on Dec 25, He will let me know it. I mean if He can show me that modesty is important and I went from wearing pants and shorts to wearing long skirts/dresses He will show me about Christmas. I will never quit growing in Christ or learning.


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