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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How deep is your non-resistance?

I am wondering if I posted something like this some time before but I cannot find anything and this has been on my mind the last week or so, so I thought now was a good time to share.

The question is, how deep is your non-resistance?

Some may not even understand what 'non-resistance' means. A non-resistant person believes God has ordained the governmental leaders in this worldly kingdom [the law is for the lawless] and they must do their thing, however a member of HIS kingdom is not to be involved in it because to do such would break several of the commands of Christ (swearing oaths, serving two masters and not loving your enemies just to name a few). Well, this is a very simplified explanation and I'm not going to take the time to explain what a pacifist is.

Now, again, how deep is your non-resistance? I'll share a few of my thoughts quickly here.

I see some things that are really obvious. For example, believers in non-resistance all know it would be grievous to Christ and the Father if we shot someone or physically harmed someone in any way. Then there are other things that are not always so obvious but really should be. For example, your thoughts towards someone. Are they kind and loving? If you do have someone that you believe is treating you wrong, do you pray for them? Do you look for ways you can be a blessing to them? Or are you bitter against them? Maybe you are even going around telling others how bad and mean they are? Maybe you are so sure you are right that you are seeking justice to fix the wrongs they have done to you?

What is the example Christ gave us?

Sadly, one small seed of bitterness can sprout and grow into something so huge it can divert your path and send you in the wrong direction ... all the while thinking you are still on the right track. One small seed of bitterness can skew your whole way of thinking towards certain people and/or certain situations.  Misunderstandings abound and the seed grows into a hardy plant. I believe us women especially are vulnerable to this and that is why the Lord has given us the headship order! Let us be wise and be in our place!

It's easy to abstain from picking up a gun and blowing someone's head off, however it's a bit harder to love and pray for and bless those who are treating you wrong. But this is exactly what Christ tells us to do, and he gave us the perfect examples.

When we always seek to love others and be a blessing to them, the soil in our heart is terrible ground for that seed of bitterness! And if there was a seed beginning to sprout, it will quickly die and be no more. Not only does this help us and keep us right with God, it also brings glory to Christ! And too, we might just be able to help the one(s) who wronged us [or maybe we'll realize they never did wrong us and WE were the ones in the wrong?]. And too: when we seek to love and bless others -- even the worst of our enemies -- we might have a role to play in their repentance. However when we seek justice and revenge and are sowing seeds of bitterness and discord, we might have a role to play in their damnation. Woe unto us!!!

Seek to always be a blessing.

(Edit ... obviously there is a time to rebuke and even excommunicate if need be. In times like that, rebuking and/or excommunicating IS the loving thing to do, however it is NOT our business as women to do so; we must keep our noses out of it unless it directly involves us and even then we must let the brothers take care of it.)

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