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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why the shock?

A thought: we shouldn't be so shocked when the world acts like the world.

And FYI ... We recently went to Mexico to witness a beautiful wedding. You may see photos here; hear message here - English and Spanish


  1. What a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing. Oh I'm not shocked at all. The Bible is clear these things would happen. I'm just surprised it took so long. Makes me wonder what other sins are going to become legal.

  2. Hello Regina :) It was a beautiful wedding and I was so thankful to have been there. They are such a sweet couple.

    All sorts of things are acceptable now by most of mainstream Christianity that are not acceptable to God (divorce and remarriage to name one). Speaking now specifically of gay marriage, I know there was a time when Christians were shocked to hear of couples divorcing and divorced people getting married to others. It was just not right. But now it is. So I cannot help but wonder if some day most professing Christians will think it's ok to have gay marriage even though right now, to most, it is just not right.

    About 14 years ago, when I was still an atheist, I was shocked to see a gay flag and a 'Christian flag' flying together outside of a church in Richmond, VA. The person I was with (also an atheist) affirmed that that was in fact an active 'Christian church'. It was a 'gay Christian church'. Even as an atheist I knew that was not biblical.

    Anyway, I pray you are well. Thanks for your comment!


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