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Headcovering examples

I get asked quite frequently about what kind of coverings I wear, so I finally decided to just make a page of examples.

*There is one more covering we now use; I'll try to have a photo of it here soon.

This is the covering I prefer, though I am trying to come up with a natural fabric covering (cotton or linen) that I like better. It is a 44" square made of 100% polyester. I fold it almost in half (much like the flour sack towel below) and then secure it tight with a pin behind my head. I then tie the ends once. I purchased this particular covering online at Middle Eastern Mall. We have since made our own out of a light, 100% cotton material. I like the way the polyester sits, but it does get much too hot in the summer months. The light cotton is better for hotter days.

I wear this cotton tube undercap under the covering above as well as under the long scarf coverings for winter (pictured below). The tube caps really help keep hair in place and also hold the covering on nicely. This was also purchased from Middle Eastern Mall.

Here is a picture of me with the square polyester covering.

And a picture of Brianna with the same square polyester covering only in black.

This is the lightest covering we have. Basically we made a square that was 44" and then cut it in half to have 2 triangle coverings. We serged the edges instead of hemming. It is worn the same as the polyester covering just above, however it does not slip around since it is made of 100% cotton. It is much cooler in the summer.

100% cotton flour sack towel purchased at the local variety store

We fold a corner down a little and then pin it behind our head. I like to tie mine as well but Brianna leaves hers untied.

Brianna on the left with flour sack towel.

Back of Brianna's untied flour sack covering (pinned only)

This is a long scarf we like to wrap around in the cooler months. I purchased it at Walmart of all places.

A tan version of the wrap around scarf; you can see a bit of the undercap showing.

Another example of the wrap around scarf (this is a picture of my two sons on either side of me, my dad and my sister; we are at Hummel Park in Omaha, NE)

Brianna just made this one yesterday (5-9-12). It is 100% polyester but really thin and 'breathable'. It is 22" wide and 31" long with two 3 1/2" long ties. 

Here is a picture of me wearing the covering above.

Another idea too is to look up "tshirt head wrap" on youtube ... I like to use a tshirt wrap when I'm working in the garden or cleaning the house.


  1. Sister Joanne, do you have a patter for the next to last covering?
    I only have one for short veils..


  2. I posted the measurements so anyone could make their own: It is 22" wide [not including the ties] and 31" long with two 3 1/2" long ties.

    If you need a pattern though, I can have my daughter trace one and mail it to you. If this is the case, please email me your address. joannesmith6819 at

    Lord bless you!

  3. Joanne,with the cooler weather here Id like to put my thinner summer ones up, any suggestion for material for the colder days?

  4. Thank you so much for posting the information in how to make these coverings :) what a blessing! Can't wait to make some, my old ones are threadbare :)

  5. I like that last covering you posted (the one Brianna made on 5-9-12). I'll have to try making it! Thank you.

  6. Does any one ever mistake you as muslim? I once wore a bandanna with short sleeves and a long skirt. Some guy for some reason thought I was a muslim.

  7. thank you for the examples. do you wear the under cap year round
    or only in winter?

  8. RevanElymist - Yes, sometimes I do get asked if I am a muslim, however not nearly as often as if I'm something else. It usually depends on who is asking and where I am at. I appreciate it when people ask ... it opens the door for good conversation.

    Yolanda - no, I only wear the undercap when it is needed to help keep the covering on. Some styles do not need an undercap. We actually designed one that has a built-in piece that helps keep the covering on really well, no undercap needed. However, it's a bit difficult to make.


  9. Never seen christians with a covering in The Netherlands. Here in the Netherlands only Muslims wear a head covering. When a Christian woman becomes Muslim, she have to cover her head.

    God bless you.

  10. The link to the undercaps is out dated; if someone needs them I found it again.

  11. Thank you for sharing the photos of headcoverings.

  12. You're welcome! We actually hope to have a video demonstration soon ... I'll try to remember to post a link here when it's done.

  13. Dear Joanne,
    I feel inspired to write to you after having come across you and your daughter Brianna on your blog and also youtube. I'm having a hard time finding the right words to explain my reaction. My initial word I will use is striking! I've never before seen a Christian woman put together a modest wardrobe quite the way you two do. I found myself having almost a deer in the headlights reaction. It was puzzling how I immediately found myself having such high respect for you. You both look so... important.

    I admire people who value modesty, and who are strong in their faith. Usually modest dress is stereotyped as too plain, or frumpy, but what opened my eyes with your examples is that you both look... great! Seriously. I love how Brianna covers her hair completely with a unique take on a headscarf that I hadn't really seen before.

    Part of me wondered if you gave modesty makeovers? lol.

    Thank you for inspiring me to make real change in my life!

  14. Victoria - thank you for your kind words, they are so encouraging and a blessing to say the least.

    "Modesty Makeovers" ... LOL ... my first thought was, "That would be quite the tv program!" Hmmmmm....

    Have a wonderful day!


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