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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Choice

The last while I've been thinking about how we have so many choices to make each day ... all within our own control, though sometimes we might think otherwise or just not think about it at all.

A few examples.

When things do not go the way we think they should go, how do we choose to react? Do we get upset? Frustrated? Do we let others know how our plans have been thrown off and we've been inconvenienced? Or do we shrug it off with a smile and thank the Lord? We can choose to be happy and thankful.

When someone treats us in a way that is not loving, do we grow angry and bitter? Do we start thinking of all the ways that person has hurt us? Maybe we look for faults in them? Or do we love them in return? We can choose to be loving and merciful even in the midst of the most terrible situations.

Being grateful is a choice. We can focus on all the things that [we think] have gone wrong in the day or we can focus on all of the things that have gone right. We can focus on all of the things [we think] others have done wrong to us, or we can focus on loving them and blessing them.

Jesus said all of the law can be summed up in two commandments: Love God and love your neighbor. If this really is our heart, there will be no room for bitterness, mercilessness, anger, ungratefulness, and so on. If you find these things popping up in your mind, CHOOSE to give them to the Lord and ask for help and strength to truly love. Know that these things are not pleasing to him and he would love nothing more than to help you overcome them!

Choose to be happy. Choose to be thankful. Choose to be loving and merciful. Choose to overcome evil with good. The opposites are simply bondage, and Christ has set us free!!


  1. Thanks Joanne. I needed that this week. Lord bless you!

  2. Praise the Lord ... God bless you too Molly.


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