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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Learning to Walk

I was just thinking this morning about babies learning to walk. They are at an age in life where they are learning and growing at such a rapid pace. So many new discoveries, new skills, new knowledge ... and new mistakes. Trial and error are excellent teachers!!

While our little ones are learning how to walk, we would never even think to spank or scold them if they fell, knocked something over while trying to balance, etc. They make mistakes and that's ok! It's expected. They are learning and growing.

This made me think of learning how to walk with the Lord. We are learning and growing. We are making new discoveries, learning new skills, gaining new knowledge, growing in wisdom, (etc.) ... and making some mistakes to. Trail and error are excellent teachers.

While we would not scold or spank a baby for making mistakes while growing and learning, why are we so quick to scold (or, worse yet, shun) those who seem to be making a mistake in their walk with the Lord? If we are not in their shoes, how can we make such harsh judgments? Maybe they are exactly where the LORD wants them to be? Maybe what looks bad to us is actually a time of great learning and growing for them? Maybe if we interfere, instead of helping them we are actually hindering the Lord's work in their lives?

If we just love one another, as Christ taught, and leave the judging up to him, we will have the freedom to come up alongside someone who might not be doing things the way *we* think they should be doing them and, instead of criticizing or shunning, offer our arm or hand, a word of encouragement, help.

What a blessing to have this freedom!

God knows how harsh and critical I was on others when I first started my walk. I am ashamed of that time!!! But, as Mother Teresa says, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Praise the Lord! Every day is new. [make the wrongs right of course!! but then move on and BE a better person]

Let's spend our time loving and blessing others instead of criticizing and cutting them down. Light vs. darkness. Love vs. hate. Peace vs. discord.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this revelation from the Lord, it was perfect timing. I unfortunately had to leave my former church due to some doctrinal differences from the scriptures and have been struggling with how I go about the relationships that I have formed there. Do I end them or continue having them, praying for them and loving on them as the Lord leads. This answers them beautifully in that I am to still love them, as Christ loved me, even though we no longer commune together.


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