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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bible Camp vs. Reality

[Here is a post I had in 'draft status' for almost 2 years. I'm not sure why I never posted it, but here it is.]

My daughter had an observation that I thought was worthy of sharing. Though she has never been to a summer bible camp, she has heard plenty about them from some of her friends ... and from me (I have went to several summer bible camps in my youth, some a few years in a row).

The other day she spent quite a bit of time in a green bean patch. She said more spiritual lessons can be learned and gleaned working in a green bean patch for half a day than can be learned going to summer bible camp for one week. I agree.

The same youth that look forward to summer bible camp often times are the same youth that can hardly stand to do a half day of work and even if they did manage to put in a half day of work they can be heard complaining and seen poking around, not really wanting to do the task at hand. And too, serving the elderly with not even a thought of compensation is definitely out.

Of course this does not apply to all youth :) I know so very hard working youngsters and it's always a blessing to be in their company. They work with their parents and siblings side-by-side, happy, singing, etc. These same youth are glad to go to the nursing home or help an elderly neighbor with 'no strings attached'. This is how it should be. This is what should be considered 'normal' and the other not.


  1. hello sister, my children are the complainer types and I tell them about being grateful to God and that there are people who have real problems to complain about but they don't change- any advice?

  2. Well, I have never experienced a Bible camp, but I have had some GOOD meditations while working in the garden. Rachel

  3. Anon - That is a really tough question but I will answer it to the best of my ability without knowing you or the situation ....
    Honestly, I think it begins with us. This might not be the case all of the time, but I think it might be true most of the time????? How is OUR attitude?? How do WE approach work? I'm only saying this because I have struggled in the past with my attitude. I grew up spoiled. Not much was expected of me. I was paid allowance to keep my room clean. In MY opinion (again, not saying I'm correct, just sharing my observations) this instills the "entitlement mentality" ... we think we must get something in return for work that we do. In this case, being paid for cleaning my room, that is not reality is it? I mean, as an adult, do you get paid to clean your room? I actually have a post going on this but am not sure yet how to best approach it. We'll see. But the point is, children get allowance for doing things they should be doing anyway ... and if we do not get paid for it, why are we paying them?
    Anyway, along with making sure our attitudes are in check, I think another helpful thing is being active in serving others in the community. Who is in need? A neighbor? Someone at the nursing home? A sick friend? A busy mother? Find someone(s) to serve and be a blessing to as a family. If you are already doing this, praise the Lord!!! Serving others and getting nothing in return except a good feeling knowing you did what was right is such a blessing! Actually, my pastor just preached a message not too long ago called "Goodness is its own Reward" and he talked about just that. It is rewarding to do what is good and right! It makes you feel good inside. It makes children feel good inside too!!

    Another thing that came to mind is consistency and stability. When my children were younger I learned that they did so much better when I was consistent ... meaning, if I made a rule, I stuck by it. Sometimes I'd have to write consequences down so I would not forget. And they always did better when our home was peaceful and stable.

    Well, I'm sure I could think of so many more things to say!!!! But I pray what I've said already is helpful in some way??? Again, it's hard to know for sure without knowing you, the children, or the situation at hand. But I've been praying for you ever since I saw your comment in my inbox and will continue to pray. God bless you!

  4. Rachel - that's part of what she was meaning, thanks for sharing!! I love gardening, doing dishes, sweeping the floor, taking care of the animals, etc. because it leaves my mind free to think about others, pray for others, meditate on the Lord, sing, etc. When I used to work full time I never knew really how much I was missing by being a working mom!!! My mind was FILLED and OVER FLOWING with accounting. I couldn't even escape it in my dreams! Terrible.

    It's a blessing to be able to slow down and enjoy God's creation, doing what he created us to do :)

    God bless you!! Give our love to all.


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