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Sunday, March 27, 2016


I recently downloaded an app of the phases of the moon and have really been enjoying it. I like that I can scroll through each day, behind, current, ahead, and see how the moon will be. Each night when I lay down and each morning when I open my eyes, I look for the moon, and now I compare it with my app. I've always been a 'science geek', and this has really satisfied that side of me ... for now.

This all got me to thinking about how these are new technologies. We have so many things right at our fingertips ... and these seem to de-mystify once mysterious things. Think of looking up at the moon thousands of years ago. All that man knew about the moon was what God told us in his word. God knew right from the beginning. And then in recent history man starts getting 'smart', making all these advances in technology, and all the sudden he thinks he knows so much about the moon (and other things). Man thinks it was his discovery. But it wasn't. It's been there all the time, since the beginning, and God has known it.

We used to have to totally depend on God for that kind of knowledge, but now it's just taken for granted. I'll just download an app. Thousands of years of information, passed down from generation to generation, originally from God, and now within a few short years we think we know it all and have it all right at our fingertips.

This reminds me of the time we were flying in to a major airport in Canada. Tall buildings all around, large planes coming and going to and from destinations all over the world. What used to be only a dream and never actually attainable in ones lifetime has now become something you can do in a few hours. And man thinks he's so smart. All those buildings, planes, technology abounding everywhere you look.

It has an end.

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