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Friday, August 30, 2013

"Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say"

Do you know that little song? There is so much truth in it and it is very simple to understand; I like it. 

Dear women and young women, we must all strive to be very careful what our mouths say. A quick word or sentence said at the wrong time or to the wrong audience could cause such a fire!! Even if the intentions on both ends are true and honest and right, we still must always consider the audience and choose our words carefully. Is it profitable? Is it needed? Will it help the situation or make it worse? And I am not even talking about when men are present (that's a whole other post!) ... I'm just talking about when women/young women are with other women/young women.

It was not very long ago that this became a reality to my daughter. Something she had said quite a while ago came back to bite her. I remember the day she said what she said because she told me about it later and shared how she was sure she would be taken the wrong way. She repented of it but the damage was already done [not that she said anything wrong but that she said it and did not consider how the hearer would hear it]. The spark was already set and it was out of her control. We'll never know for sure exactly how far this fire spread but that's just one of the consequences for not thinking before you speak. Thankfully in this case the only person it made look bad was the one who said it (my daughter).

I appreciated one thing she said in reaction to this fire: "At least it was for something I said a long time ago instead of something I have said recently." She has really been working on keeping her tongue and this was an encouragement to her. Sometimes (oftentimes?) it takes things like this to help us grow.

I believe this is something us women will have to be very cautious about all of our lives. It does not seem like something we will all the sudden learn, but I do believe we can get better and better as time and experience come and go. Our hearts must be fixed on loving the Lord and loving our neighbors.

Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!


  1. You know how Mary kept things in her heart? I am striving to do this at all times with all things. I think this is truly the answer to most of our problems with busybodying! Taking things and keeping theMin our heart and pondering them!

  2. I like that little song a lot as well. Something that came into my inbox today included the following comment "people may not be reading the Bible but they are reading your life". This is so true, I know I watch other people's lives, words, actions, etc. as a means to improve my own. It is so easy to not realize or to forget that some may be looking or listening to me for the same thing. Quite a sobering thought. Thank you for the reminder this morning. I feel for Brianna...what a yucky feeling it is when something comes back to bite you.

  3. I had to edit the post to clarify what I meant by 'she repented' ... she did not say anything wrong; what she repented of was saying what she said without considering how the hearer would hear it.

    Swift to hear and slow to speak.

    YES: we might be the only 'bible' someone else 'reads'. Our actions and words are the most important part of our testimony and representation of the Lord to the world. The world sees Christianity as a big joke and is it any wonder? It IS a big joke. Almost everyone who claims to be a Christian does not give much heed at all to what the Christ says. :(

    Meek and quiet. Shamefaced. Sober. Let us be a blessing to those around us; a true women of God.

  4. So sorry...I never meant to imply that she may have said something wrong. Any comment can certainly be heard differently than said or have its meaning misunderstood :)

    For example, during a conversation I mentioned that I am convicted to wear dresses only and that I believe the Bible tells us as women to do so. The hearer (not new to my beliefs) felt angered, believing my comment to mean that she should dress so as well. Even if I do, this is not for me to judge...especially in this case as she is older...and this would be rude on my part. Any thoughts?

    Cutting comment short...gotta run.

  5. :) No, what you said had nothing to do with my edit :)
    [and sorry for the delay in response; I was out of town]

    Whenever I talk to young women (or even older women) on the streets I hardly ever bring up modesty [once in a great while there seems to be an open, sincere girl who is truly seeking answers] but often times THEY will bring up modesty. I don't have to say a word because my actions are loud and clear. They will even say things like "So you think I'm going to hell because I do not dress like you?" And each time this happens I just think something like 'WOW! I said nothing of the sort!' That is just the CONCLUSION / assumption they are coming up with based on me encouraging them to obey the bible and also me dressing modestly in obedience to the bible. It's quite a sensitive subject for many professing christian women because ... frankly ... they oftentimes are dressing according to the flesh and they know it.

    I am not sure what the case was with the woman you shared with but it seems she might have been a bit convicted and maybe it was already on her mind a little and it aggravated her that you were so excited and open to it while she might have been struggling with it?

    All we can do is be a good example. Be patient and loving with those who get upset ... and be ready to share with them if they ever change their minds.

    God bless you.

    God bless you!


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