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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quiet time

I used to appreciate the saying "you are only as real as your quiet time" because at one point in my life it helped me to see the importance of spending time each day getting my thoughts in focus and on the Lord. While I do still believe it is important to do that, over the last few years I have really come to see a flaw in that statement or thought.

Any one can have 'quiet time' and it can be a very real, but only a few can actually put the teachings of Christ in to practice in their day to day lives in a real way. You see, it's not about what time we read the bible, how long we read it, how long we pray, what particular passage we meditate on each day or even if we are able to read the bible at all every day. It's about walking in the light, day in and day out, regardless of whether you have time for a scheduled 'quiet time' or not.

This makes me think of how in Titus 2 women who claim to be godly are given a list of instructions and then it is followed by: "that the word of God be not blasphemed." Woman: if you say you are a Christian then your life should show it. You cannot teach these things in Titus 2 to younger women if you do not LIVE them yourselves. (Amos 5 comes to mind too, though I'm not 100% sure how it all fits ... it just comes to mind. Also, Isaiah 1:13-15)

Really, who cares how good, structured, scheduled, long [or whatever] your quiet time is if you are not walking in the light in your daily life? Your quiet time has become a work that stinks to God.

You are only as real as your walk.

Edit ... actually, this post reminds me a little of some things that were said in today's message titled: GET OFF YOUR FACE ... click on the title to be directed to the message.


  1. I agree Joanne. I know people that judge others by how much or how often they read their Bible. I used to be like that when I was a baby Christian. But there comes a time to put into practice all that you have read. It takes more real life than quiet time, or Bible reading time to really be disciplined by the teachings of Christ. As I grew in the Lord I realized it's not about how much we read. It's about practicing what we have already read & understood & seeking to be circumspect with it. I've also considered the women of old. They didn't even have Bibles to read & most of them were likely to be illiterate. They had to simply hear the word from men, keep it in their heart & put it into practice. They couldn't do all this deep Bible studying to figure it out on their own. :-) I smile at this because I find it an inspiring thought. To think about the Women of old; the faith & trust they had to have in the men of God...anyway thanks for the post.~Love, P.F.

  2. I really appreciate what you shared; thank you. It is so true, there were no bibles 'back then' and many were not able to read anyway. Now woman can get their hands on anything and go in any which direction they please with it (the direction usually governed by their flesh). Devotionals for women, sappy novels, and even most books written for women by women ... all trash as far as I have seen. All taking something so simple and making it much too complicated.

    Without such books around, one is forced to think for themselves or listen to their head. Praise the Lord.

    God bless you. j

  3. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention social media. So many women today are deceived in to thinking sites like facebook provide true fellowship. These women spend too much time on fb or other such things and end up being busy bodies instead of keepers at home. Their fellowship, instruction, counsel and comfort comes from a stranger sitting somewhere in front of a computer screen instead of from where it should come: the husband, father or head of the home. This is very dangerous and deceptive! I believe also it is destructive.

  4. I know that in my case I have cherished so much some of the friendships I've had online (Joanne you have been one!) because I just haven't known people locally who care much about being faithful to God, and haven't been able to move near a good church (one that wouldn't lead me more astray). But even so, I noticed that the internet communication and times weren't really bringing out the best in me at all, like the ways I am more mindful when it's in person and "real life". Ah God help me. :) Thanks so much for this post and comments.


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