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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Young Woman, Press On! ... and the shame of the mother

I've been thinking lately about women who fall away from the truth and have older daughters still at home. What are these girls to do? I know they love their mothers dearly. Sadly, some go the way their mothers choose ... but some continue to love the Lord and walk in the truth.

How hard must it be for these girls to see their mothers fall back in to their former worldly ways?  If you know a girl in such a situation, please remember to pray for her!! You might not be able to actually help her physically, but you can at least pray she makes it through the battle going on in her own home.

If YOU are such a girl, please keep pressing on in the truth! Remember how the Lord says for you to be: meek and quiet. Arguing or pressing your point or trying to 'preach' to your mother will not help. Just be a quiet example and do what you can to please her and  help her.


Another thing I've been thinking about is the verse that says the rod and reproof bring wisdom but a child left to himself will bring his mother to shame. I see two ways of understanding how a mother could be brought to shame but I'll share the one that just came to me recently. There is a shame that comes to a person ... like a lazy person that can work but chooses not to or, in this case, a mother that is too selfish to take care of her children properly. The shame has nothing to do with the child and everything to do with the selfish mother. Sadly, this mother is usually so wrapped up in herself that she does not even see the shame of it all and maybe never will until it's too late.


  1. I'm so thankful you shared this Joanne
    I have been burdened by this very thing lately. As simple as your advice is, it didn't really come to mind that I should be pressing in to pray for the daughters. You feel so helpless when you see a mother going backwards; especially when she has such a strong influence on her children. There is more power in Prayer than we may realize. It almost seems like too simple of an action, but it takes some discipline to pray for the many needs that surround us.
    Lord bless you for the encouragement.
    ~Love, P.F.

  2. Thank you Joanne for sharing this. This is a topic I have been burdened by lately. As simple as your advice is I hadn't thought of it--the simple act of prayer for the daughters. It is such a helpless feeling when you see a mother (who is such an influence to her children) going astray. Prayer is a simple act that can have a huge impact. It takes discipline to pray for the many needs that surround us. Thanks for the encouragement.
    ~love, P.F.


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