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Thursday, June 26, 2014

"I'm Going To Bed"

I have seen this circulating around the web and must say it is so very shameful and disrespectful. What makes me even more sad about it is that I have seen it being circulated among professing christian women with plenty of 'thumbs up' or other similar affirmatives.

We are to honour our husbands, not tear them down. Whoever agrees with this picture and says they are following Christ needs to seriously examine themselves. Even if you truly believe this is a 100% accurate depiction of your home and marriage life (and even if it IS TRUE) your job is to look in the mirror of God's word and be the most godly woman you know how to be, not criticize your husband ... which is very hypocritical.

Maybe this 'wife' should have skipped her evening devotional reading and just practised living godly instead? Hear Samuel: "Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice..."

On a side note, many of the things listed on the 'wife's' side probably could have been done long before bed and even long before the husband got home. Toys for instance should have been picked up and put away by the children ... if they are old enough to play with them, they are old enough to put them away. If they do not want to put them away then they should not be allowed to have them.

Anyway, I am just really bothered by stuff like this. Please show your love for God by truly loving your husband.


  1. Hi, I agree with you, I did not see this before, but I had a bad experience in our ladies bible class. There were three women there that felt the need to share negative things about their husbands. I was distressed all week. We women sometimes get so carried away with our own importance that we trample the one that is our head. I am an older woman so I did speak up and try to refocus these ladies on the proper place of the wife, but I'm not sure if they understood that they should be more respectful of their husbands place in their lives or not. We should never cast thoughts about our husbands out there for others to disrespect them.

  2. Hello, with all respect, you must keep in mind that submission to our husband is a journey that can take many years of struggling for some of us. Many wives can find release in this humour. With that said, it is true that this kind of comments do nothing to help us become godly wives.

  3. Barbara - Gossip and tearing down husbands are two of the reasons I believe womens bible study classes are dangerous things. I am glad to hear you spoke up and pray you were able to speak the truth BOLDLY as this is such a dangerous snare.

    I personally stay away from such activities where a bunch of women get together without their husbands. Yes, there is a time for one-on-one "Titus 2 - type" counsel, however a group of women getting together very rarely comes to good.

    Andrea - I understand what you are saying yet I want to caution you that there is nothing godly about finding humour in things that are not pleasing to the Lord. Yes, submission IS a journey and we are all learning as we go. Some really do struggle. In fact, probably ALL women struggle with submission to some degree or another. I pray this post has and will help many women on their journey to become godlier wives, mothers and women.


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