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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Modesty Tip

When deciding if something is modest be careful not to compare yourself to the world's standard of modesty. Yes, most professing christian women DO dress more modest than a bikini top and short shorts, however that does not mean what they are wearing is modest in the Lord's eyes.

Just a few short years ago and for all of our human history it was considered immodest for a woman to show ANY PART of her legs or anything much past her wrists. For some reason within the last hundred years or so it is now totally acceptable for women [yes, even professing christian women] to show a lot of their legs, all of their arms, their shape/figure, and even some cleavage.

I ask you to please consider the bar by which you measure your self - does it belong to the world or the Lord?


  1. I find that yes, a lot of [Christian] women do dress a bit more modestly than those who are not Christians.

    But, as you pointed out - it's worldly modesty and not Godly modesty. That's the issue. Some women just think they need to cover their cleavage and up to their knees, but huggy and clingy fabrics are perfectly fine.

    My rule of thumb is usually the reaction I get from my hubby before I go out. If he suggests I change, then I do. Covered and loose :)

  2. Katrina - that's a great idea to check with your husband first. What a blessing that he is willing to offer his advice and even suggest for you to change if something is not modest enough.

    I think we need to keep in mind too that some women are in a transition period, still learning and growing. Some have just simply never seen anyone else dress modestly so they are doing the best they know how. However when they see a more modest example they appreciate it and will change accordingly.

    Thanks for the comment.


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